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Epsom Funeral Home was Established in 1979 and is New Zealand Family owned and operated. Epsom Funeral Home services all areas of Auckland.

We hope that as you browse our website you will become comfortable and informed for the decisions you need to make, please contact us.


华人殡仪馆成立于1979年,是由新西兰本地人拥有和经营的。 华人殡仪馆为奥克兰所有地区提供服务。


Caring is what we do...


Judith Collins -- Very Satisfied

I had known for some time this day was coming when my Aunt Flora would pass , however I was putting of the inevitable as she had given no instruction on what she wanted for her funeral other than to be buried not cremated. I was given Epsom Funeral Home details just days before and rang them on the day Flora passed,fingers crossed I hoped they could do it all for us on such short notice and that they did. My expectations where surpassed.
Lisa and Stephen gave the best service we could possibly ask for. It was a effortless process from start to finish. Most importantly was the respect they showed Aunty Flora in the way they cared for her.
We have nothing but respect for Lisa and Stephen, they could just as easily been our closest friends in the way they took care of everything. A big thank you from Karina and myself . The drive by at the cemetery to visit Flora’s father and our grandfather made it a perfect day to lay Aunty Flora to rest. Thank you.


Don Chooi -- Very Satisfied

I am so grateful for the kindness and graciousness shown to me and my family during our time of loss and grief. The level of professional courtesy and warmth of Stephen King and his wife are exemplary. I couldn't have asked for better.