Let Epsom Funeral Home Help you Plan a Memorial Service in Central Auckland, North Shore, Ellerslie and South Auckland

When a loved one passes away, knowing you have funeral directors who take the utmost care with your memorial service in Auckland is a top priority. Especially when your family may not be English speaking, and you are looking for a memorial service in Central Auckland that caters to Mandarin or Cantonese speakers, finding a funeral home that will be compassionate and understanding of your families’ needs means everything. Things are already stressful when dealing with loss and grief, and a good funeral director should help ease some of the burdens of planning a memorial or funeral service. At Epsom Funeral Home, we cater to Chinese memorial service needs in Ellerslie, North Shore, and South Auckland, to help your family attain peace of mind after a loved one is gone.

What Sets Apart Our Memorial Service in North Shore and Beyond

There are a few key things that separate our options for a memorial service in North Shore and beyond apart from others. Here are some key ways we can benefit your family.

  • A Quote Upfront: The cost of a funeral can often cause tension and stress, especially when prices are changed or unclear. We seek to give you an honest, fair quote before we start, so there are no surprises later. This is just one way we help to take pressure off you.
  • Chinese Centred Services: Not only do we perform services in Cantonese and Mandarin, but our services are centred around Chinese tradition and cater to your Chinese family. For those in need of a Chinese memorial service in South Auckland, Ellerslie, and North Shore this truly makes all the difference, as your family will receive the traditional services they require.
  • Non-Invasive Preservation Measure: For the preservation of bodies we do not use embalming, but only natural cooling techniques.

What to Expect from our Funeral Services

We are empathetic, respectful, and professional from start to finish. A typical service with us will always include these key aspects:

  • Working with You: We start with consultations and truly listen to your family’s needs. Not all funerals are going to be the same, and we wish to keep your specification in mind throughout.
  • Minimal Stress: When a loved one passes away, everyone feels the pressure. While funeral planning may seem stressful, we do our best to put as little stress on you and do as much work as we can ourselves.
  • Absolute Respect: We place respect above all else. Your loved one meant the world to you, and they should have a deserving funeral. We treat all our clients with the utmost respect and treat each person with the dignity and diligence they deserve.

About Epsom Funeral Home

We have been in business for thirty years and have built our name as a trusted, reputable funeral home in Auckland. Especially for Chinese families, our funeral arrangements cater to your specifications to take the burden off your family. Feel free to contact us for more information.