Funeral Directors in Epsom Guide You Through Funeral Arrangement with Compassion

When a loved one passes on, emotions are raw, and it’s the worst possible time to make important decisions. You don’t have to do it alone. Having someone with experience to help you can ease the worry of funeral arrangement. At every step of the funeral arrangement at Epsom Funeral Home, we will stand by your side to take care of the process so that you can grieve and celebrate the memory of your loved one.

When It Comes to Funeral Arrangement, Epsom Funeral Home Will Take Care of Everything for You

When someone has just died, there are many details to arrange. Even in sadness, you will need to make many arrangements right away. At Epsom Funeral Home we will help you through the steps:

  • Deceased transportation: Epsom Funeral Home can transport the deceased to the funeral home. If needed, we can arrange for the body’s repatriation to a different country.
  • Funeral arrangement: The funeral directors at Epsom Funeral Home will carry out your wishes for the funeral arrangement to the last detail. A first step is to find out whether the deceased had a pre-plan for their funeral but if there is none, we will help you to decide whether to have a burial or cremation and what type of ceremony to arrange.
  • Memorial items: Selecting memorial products is one of the most emotional parts of the funeral arrangement at Epsom. We will help you to set a budget and choose all the items you need, from a casket or urn to funeral stationery.
  • Cemetery arrangement: If the deceased didn’t purchase a cemetery property during their lifetime, we can meet with staff of your selected cemetery to arrange a grave plot or niche for an urn.
  • Register the death: In New Zealand, the law requires that deaths be registered with the Government’s office of Births, Deaths, and Marriages within three days of the burial or cremation.

Benefits of Having Funeral Directors from Epsom by your Side During the Funeral Service

The funeral director must take care of arrangements, so that family and friends of the deceased can focus on mourning and supporting one another. Funeral directors at Epsom carry out more duties than you imagine making sure that the funeral service is conducted in a dignified and peaceful way.

  • Take care of the paperwork: The family will still need to sign the documents, but the funeral director fills in the necessary forms on your behalf.
  • Transport: The deceased will be transported from the place of death to the funeral home, and later to the cemetery or crematorium. If it’s a cremation, the funeral director also arranges for collection of the ashes.
  • Floral tributes: Some families like to make their own arrangements for flowers, but if you prefer, our funeral directors in Epsom will order flowers on your behalf.
  • Funeral ceremony: During the ceremony, funeral directors are on hand to help with every aspect of the proceedings.

Apart from services carried out in the public eye, funeral directors in Epsom perform tasks such as preparing the body for burial and offering emotional support to the family in the difficult days after the funeral.

At Epsom Funeral Home we take care of the stressful details so that you can live through the important ritual of a funeral service and come to terms with the death of a loved one. With us, you are in capable and compassionate hands. Contact us and let us ease the burden of sorrow by taking care of the funeral arrangement for you.